Let me begin by saying that I am a very conservative ENT Surgeon. I believe that many ENT problems can be conservatively managed or prevented by appropriate intervention at the right time.   Of course there are diseases in Ear, Nose and Throat areas which can be handled only by surgical interventions, but their number is shrinking day by day, thanks to effective medical measures.

I believe in meticulously taking the history of the patient and the disease/uneasiness to the extent of my satisfaction and hence, I expect my patients to bear with me for the same and make prior appointments for consultation as far as possible. My policy for clinical investigation would be to perform investigations as and when required rather than on first consultation; as I feel many specific ENT problems require a planned approach for the investigations. In difficult/uncommon clinical situations, more investigations may be required during the course of the treatment.

I encourage my patients and their immediate relatives to ask their concerns regarding treatment and investigations. However, please be advised that I never recommend an investigation, procedure or treatment unless I feel it is going to benefit the patient. 

I have a policy of encouraging second opinions if my patient so desires and all medical records will be made available for the same. However, I may not be willing to change my clinical decision unless I am fully convinced of it. My patients will have the full freedom to pursue their choice and I will be only happy to discuss with his/her new doctor on the treatment given so far. I may also ask the patient to take a second opinion with a doctor of my choice, if I feel it is required and yet may stick with my own decision.

I would like to ensure total, free and two-way communication with my patients and at the same time insist on mutual respect in the professional relationship. I feel clinical medicine is still in its early days and in many situations, diagnosis and treatment possibilities will evolve only in due course of the disease process. Though, every effort will be made and no stones will be kept unturned in this process, I believe not everything is in our hands nor do we have the power to control and change every situation.

Hoping to have a hassle- free and a positive doctor-patient relation with every single patient of mine.


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  3. thnx for share you this info about ENT

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